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In Financial Services Marketing, Evolution Is the Call to Action

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Navigating the past 15 months has been difficult for most businesses, but the financial services industry was facing change well before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in early 2020. Technology, access to information, digitization and personalization are all shaping the future of the financial services landscape. Notably, many of those trends accelerated last year, forcing even more change on the industry, especially virtualization.

To better understand how marketers in financial services can better navigate change and meet consumers where they are, we recently spoke with Nate Hutchins, VP, Financial Services and Health Care. In our discussion, Nate draws on his experience and research from our recent financial services marketing white paper to highlight the impact of the pandemic on pre-existing industry trends and share key learnings for brands of all types across the broad range of companies in the financial services industry.

For additional insight, download Financial Services Marketing: Evolving Customer Relationships white paper.

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