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You can sign up to learn when Dish’s under-construction 5G network will launch near you

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Dish has some ambitious targets ahead of it as it prepares to launch its own 5G network. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

With the clock ticking down toward its deployment goal this fall, Dish Network has launched a website with more information on its forthcoming 5G network. There’s not much to the site — just a slightly cryptic name (Project Gene5is) and a link to sign up for a notification when the service is available in your area. Its appearance was first reported by Axios, and there’s no mention of it or the Project Gene5is name on Dish’s main wireless network page. Still, it’s an indication that Dish is moving in the right direction toward a network launch, which it needs to do if it’s going to hit its ambitious targets.

Dish has promised to bring its under-development 5G network to life later this summer starting with Las Vegas. That’s just the…

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