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Debunking the Myth that Brand Building Doesn’t Drive Sales

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Conversion-driven marketing strategies weren’t born out of the pandemic, but sales-focused campaigns really took a front seat last year when brands around the globe paused their broader marketing efforts. Now, as global ad spending rises, it’s important for brands and advertisers to think beyond the short term—and existing customer bases.

The appeal of conversion-driven marketing is clear, given the ability to register quick, measurable results. That appeal, however, shouldn’t overshadow the importance of brand building, especially for brands that pulled back last year and now need to re-engage with consumers. Even more importantly, brand building efforts are measurable and can be correlated with long-term sales.

To learn more about the tangible impact that brand building has on sales, we recently spoke with Cara Kantrowitz, Vice President, Solutions Consulting, who helps debunk the myth while  highlighting how brand building is even more important in light of recent shifts in consumer behavior.

For additional insights, download our recent Brand Resonance white paper.

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