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Pulse Handshake

Collaborative online survey tool for the market research industry

  • Remote assisted surveying just like face-to-face interviews
  • Quick turn around
  • No additional software to install
  • Works on any web-browsers including mobiles

Made for the Market Research industry

Handshake is a newly developed tool combining the power of co-browsing and online meeting with Market Research grade forms. Watch the demo video to see it in action. Or, take a demo to fully understand the potential for this innovative tool for your research! 

Desktop Browsers

Works on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari

Mobile Browsers

Works on most mobile browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Talk Effortlessly

Speak through the web-interface, without the need for any additional device

Video Call

Speak face to face from the same interface with a video call or share a screen

Watch the Demo

“Seriously one of the major innovations that we have seen happening in the market research space in recent times”

Amit Roy , Former President, AC Nielsen


Most frequent questions and answers

When you have your respondent ready, send the link generated by the app to your respondent by your favourite texting method. Both you and your respondent click the link and start the “Survey Together” session. Once the session starts you both continue to remain on the same page as the survey progress. 

Certainly, you can use our audio call or video call feature to have the conversation during the “Survey Together” session. 

Yes you can do everything that the respondent can. However, we mark the data to show which input is filled up by the respondent and which by the interviewer.

Sure thing. Recordings can be saved on your dropbox account for every audio/video call during the “Survey Together” session.

The time required for authoring a Q’re depends on the length and complexity of the Q’re. We take care of the authoring of the Q’re and normally finish authoring within two working days. 

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Pulse Handshake
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